Dedicated to…

This website, and ultimately this journey I’ve embarked on is dedicated to three of my grandparents. The most influential, loving and supportive people that poured my foundation and are now my forever guardian angels.

To my late Grandfather, Richard – aka “Grandpa”, for taking me on countless travels as a child – oftentimes in an RV for various types of road trips, camping, fishing and for always teaching me how to explore new places and meet new people in order to grow as a whole.

For remembering and sharing stories of me as a little girl while in your weakest hours, and for randomly suggesting to that I should buy an RV and travel. It was a true gift, seeing your face light up when you saw my first RV and all the times after that you gleefully inquired about everything I was doing with it and everywhere I planned to explore in it.

Thank you for loving and supporting me in life, love and my new adventure – you are forever with me in this amazing journey. Your happiness is my happiness, and mine is yours. I love you, Grandpa.


Grandpa and his grandchildren.



To my late Grandfather/Abuelo, Fausto Rigoberto – aka “Dad”, who’s final days with me and all the days after, brought on the idea, passion and courage to pursue this wildly ambitious adventure.
Thank you for all of your love, support, laughter, guidance, encouragement and gifting me your quiet strength. Te Amo, Abuelo.


Mi Abuelo…



To my late Grandmother/Abuela, Graciella – aka “Mom”, for being my best friend and my everything. For supporting me in my journeys, always giving me words of wisdom and encouragement, sharing your knowledge and for showing me what joy, laughter and love really are. Te Amo, Abuela.


Mi Abuela…