Who I Am

Oh how I hate this part and think I suck at it – I’ll work on that though so lets give this a shot!

I’m Rhiannon (yes, after the Fleetwood Mac song – thank you, Stevie Nicks!) and I’m a fun loving, ambitious, travel obsessed woman who’s set out to conquer some serious journey embarking goals! Most of the time, you’ll probably see me with either a beaming smile across my face and laughing or with an ultimate gooberific expression my face can possibly morph into because I love being silly and sarcastic – that’s just what I do.

I love good food, live music, tennis, animals, campfires and laughter, among other things.

In the summer of 2016, I took the leap for change, sold everything and moved out of my home in Orlando, Florida to take on full time travel – RV style. To say that I was REALLY excited about this choice is quite the understatement. My plan is to explore the beautiful terrain across the United States, as well as Canada in my RV and sprinkling in some epic international trips for good measure along the way. The art and action of exploring and experiencing the world brings me so much joy and I look forward to every adventure and sharing in it with you.

Fair warning though, it won’t all be sunshine and awesomeness. This won’t just be about physical travels across the country and around the world – I’m sharing my journey with you and embracing courage and vulnerability to fight against fear. I’m an advocate for mental health and I personally live with depression, CPTSD, PTSD, anxieties, panic attacks and then some. I’m working on becoming more vulnerable and honest with those parts of my story because this is about community and I love the community I’ve been so damn lucky to create so far in this journey of mine and I hope you enjoy embarking on it with me.
Your community is your best support system! So let’s cheer each other on with the victories and help each other through the struggles. I’m here for it and you, who’s with me?!

Whew! I made it!!! **mic drop**

Follow me to keep up on my journey, travels and new adventures! Endless thanks to you all for the support!!

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