Who We Are

We are both pretty terrible at talking about ourselves, but lets give this a shot!

To put it in a nutshell – for now, at least… We are James & Rhiannon – a fun loving, ambitious, travel obsessed couple set out to conquer some serious journey embarking goals!

We sold everything and moved out of our home together in Orlando, Florida to take on full time travel – RV style. To say that we are REALLY excited about it is quite the understatement. Our plan is to explore all of the beautiful terrain across the United States, as well as Canada and sprinkling in some epic international trips for good measure along the way.

We also love exploring good food, sweets (because that deserves to be it’s own category – SO GOOD!), live music and keeping our healthy miniature golf competition going, among other things.

It’s not just the two of us! We have a rescue dog named Chloe (Jack Russell/Beagle Mix), who just turned sixteen this summer and she will be going on this adventure with us as well – that’s one hell of a bucket list for this pup!

We hope to bring you something different and entertaining for you to enjoy with our blog, podcast and our YouTube vlog, as well as our social media pages.

Follow us to keep up on our travels and new adventure! Endless thanks for the support!!

Now enjoy perusing a few photos that we feel properly conveys our personalities for ya!

Whew! We made it!!! **mic drop**



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