The RV search continues?

    Just when you think you have it figured out, you realize you've only scratched the surface and you have to start all over. It's momentarily disappointing, but you soldier on.

    Swing and a miss!

    So our first RV dealership experience was much needed and quite the eye opener. It was great to get our hands on things and see it all in person what we had crammed in our brains. Walking different models and discussing what works and what doesn’t, what’s too big and over the top for us, etc. It was VERY informative, which we needed. Even more so when we thought we would purchase a used fifth wheel and renovate parts of it to really fit all of our needs while traveling and running our business.

    As much help as Justin at Tampa RV was in giving us the valuable information that James’ truck wasn’t enough to tow anything we thought we needed and that an upgrade would need to be made, we added that to our research and it was not as great as we had hoped. Granted, we weren’t completely oblivious with the idea that his truck wouldn’t be able to tow much but we did think that it was a possibility that it could tow something that was within our desired size, clearly we were wrong on that one.

    When we came home that day from our first two RV dealership visits, we started scoping out larger trucks and within about two or three days, we came to the realization that the cost of upgrading to a larger truck, on top of everything else we had started to work out somewhat of a budget to gauge on simply wasn’t working in our favor. It was then that James vocalized in a disappointed tone that this idea we were already so excited about and that made perfect sense for us was quite possibly not going to be feasible at all. We were bummed for a split second BUT we sure as hell didn’t lose hope, we simply broadened our view of our future.


    Time to regroup!

    We reviewed and talked through all of our previous research and what we’ve learned so far and then we opened our minds to a different option, one that we thought was too much of what we thought we needed before. It was then that we tossed out the fifth wheel option and decided to explore the Class A and Class C options! Once we started researching those AND getting rid of both of our vehicles and having a different tow car, things started to make even more sense for us than ever before.

    We were back on the research train, full force (as if we ever really stopped), even more excited and ready for all the new things to learn and explore with the Class A and Class C options. We were relieved that our newfound dream wasn’t crushed and laughed at ourselves for thinking the other rig options wouldn’t work for us as we started planning out weekends where we could go visit a few other dealerships to look into our newly revised plans.

    It was that evening when we should have been sleeping but instead endlessly researching on our phones, that I had an AHA moment…

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