Ran out of gas – First time for everything

    They say there's a first time for everything, so let's just go with that! I've been driving half of my life now, and not once had I run out of gas...until today.

    On our way from Brasher Falls to Byron, I knew we would need to stop for gas. Once the tank got low, I started watching for stations and signs. Unfortunately, the ‘miles to empty’ kept dwindling, the tires kept spinning, but gas was not pumping. We ended up in Lacona, where engines apparently go to die a mere 1.5 miles from the nearest gas station.

    They got me cornered

    After calling Good Sam Roadside Assistance (45-60 minutes to dispatch someone), I set off on foot to buy a gas can and hoof it back to the truck so we could roll on. Now I’ve never bought a gas can from a gas station, but I know they’re way overpriced. I’m estimating anywhere from $8-10 for the 1-2 gallon cans so you can imagine my surprise when my eyes focus on the price tag and I see $14.99.

    I stare at it for a solid 15 seconds, grab it in frustration, and stand in line. I just walked a mile and a half, there’s no gas in the tank of the truck, and it’s getting late. If they’re watching, the evil price gauging convenience store hobgoblins are rubbing their gangly hands together thinking they’ve got me cornered.

    Joke’s on you, hobgoblins – I’m cheaper than you think!

    “I can’t do it.” I say to myself.

    A hero emerges in the distance

    I put the gas can on the shelf and start walking back to the truck. Roughly half way, a man in a bright orange shirt is walking down the street towards me.

    “I wonder how unsavory this fellow is?” I think to myself.

    He appears mildly unsavory so I ask him for help, and what do you know, he had a little gas can, drove me to fill it up, and put enough gas in the truck to get us to the station.

    “Thanks again for doing this, man. I really appreciate it.” I said as we finished filling up the gas can.

    Like the humble hero that he is, he simply replied “I don’t have anything going on.”

    What a guy.

    Thanks, but no thanks – literally

    We get the truck running and he follows us to the station to make sure we get there. As we’re driving, I’m telling Rhiannon how I’m going to buy this guy beer as a thank you.

    Not so fast.

    I pull us into the station and, the next thing I know, I hear a couple horn beeps and see this dude straight driving off into the distance.

    The hero we needed, but not the one we deserved.

    Ross from Sandy Creek / Lacona, NY – if you’re readying this – thank you for your help. Beer’s on me if we meet again.

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